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9/11 Memorial Czone:
Credit for finding this goes to Jazzy. Credit for making this goes to Vancouver77 of Techman's Cartoon Orbit and Neopets Club. This czone was made on the 1 year anniversary of September 11th. It's meant to commerate and pay tribute to those who lost their lives that horrible day. Below is the czone (click to enlarge) and below that is the caption that goes along with it.

"I made this czone last year around the 9-11 time, and I am remaking it in remembrance of last year.  Maybe it is too literal and too "direct" in the sense of what is displayed.  However, when it comes to the time of 9-11, I feel it should be remembered in what it was.  I'll remember being in school, terrified all day, listening to the radios in school in the classrooms, seeing people crying because their parents worked in NYC (I live less then an hour away from NYC) and I will remember seeing and watching things I would never imagine could be seen.  This czone will be on display for a while until I feel it fit to be taken down- I do not want to cause any sort of a controversy or anything- Maybe I won't, maybe I will- But I am just saying I am displaying this czone about what happened on 9-11... 
Take a look at the czone... Falco represents the fireman, reaching down into the fire to help a crushed mojo, with Angel Daphne standing over the both of them and the Late Courages, giving them strength as planes crash over head.  There are the the mourners in the courner, sad about what they are witnessing, but there are those above them that are patriotic and standing strong for their country, being strong for those who can't.
It was a horrible time, but I feel America should remember it for what it was, for what it is, for what it shall forever be... Let 9-11 echo on in our hearts and prayers...
Standing strong for his country,