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Orbit is where you can collect, trade and display digital trading cards from your favorite Cartoon Network shows. By visiting other members, you can collect points to buy cards called "cToons." It's also the only place to play gToons, Cartoon Network's digital trading card game. Orbit has nearly 2 million members and is 100% free to join.


How do I log on to Orbit?
Just click on the
"Trading Cards" tab in the global navigation to reach the Orbit home page, where you'll find the login area right up top.

How do I register for Cartoon Orbit?
Click "Join Now" on the Orbit home page. Follow the registration steps to choose your user ID and password, create your profile, build your cZone and receive your cToon starter kit.

I keep getting a login error message. What am I doing wrong?
You may have incorrectly typed your user ID or password. Double-check the exact spelling and spacing of your login information and try entering it again.

If you are trying to log on but you are not an Orbit member, you must register first to gain access.

What if I forgot my password?
When you registered for Orbit, you selected a password hint. To view it, click "Password Hint" on the login window.

To make login easier next time, check the box next to "Remember Password" and from then on, your password will automatically be entered.

How do I change my password?
From the left menu, click "My Orbit." Then go to "My Profile," where you can create your new password.

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How do I get cards?
You can purchase cards with the points you accumulate by visiting cZones. Go to "Get Cards" in the left menu, then click "Buy" to shop for cToons, gToons and cRings.

What if an item in Buy Cards says "Code Only"?
That means you must have an Orbit Code to receive that cToon, gToon or cRing.

My "Buy Cards" searches are getting very few results or none at all. Why?
Check and see if you've clicked the buttons to display only "Cards I Don't Own" or "Cards In Stock." When these buttons are turned on, your searches are narrowed down to only those cards, which can significantly reduce the number of cards listed.

What are Orbit Codes?
Orbit Codes are given out on-air during Cartoon Network shows, throughout the website and as part of special Orbit promotions. They can reward you with free cToons, bonus points or exclusive cRings. To find out how to get current available codes, visit the
Codes and Points page.

How do I redeem an Orbit Code?
On the Orbit home page, you'll see a "Got a Code?" entry field. Type in your Orbit Code after you enter your user ID and password, then click "Login" to receive your reward.

If you're already logged on and you find an Orbit Code on, simply click on it to automatically claim your prize or enter it on the Orbit home page.

What does the "i" circle next to a cToon mean?
Clicking on the "i" button opens that cToon's "info card," which includes stats such as type, edition and release date. The info card also has a "Check Auctions" button, which you can click to visit see if that card is currently up for auction.

If a cToon has no "i" circle, select the cToon and then click on the "i" circle in the menu to the left of the cZone to view its info card.

What are cRings?
cRings connect Orbiters who share the same interests, favorite characters, hobbies, etc. When you see a cRing on someone's cZone, click on it to automatically be taken to another cZone displaying that cRing. cRings usually sell out very quickly, and their rarity makes them extremely valuable cards to collect.

What is the cToon Showcase?
The cToon Showcase is located on the "Trade" page. There, you can meet other Orbiters for live trades while previewing Orbit's upcoming cRing, cToon and gToon releases.

My cToons are missing! What do I do?
Cartoon Orbit has several safeguards in place to protect user accounts, but despite our best efforts, an Orbiter occasionally discovers that someone has broken into his or her inventory and stolen cToons. If you believe this has happened to you, please contact us via our
Feedback Form.

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How do I get points?
There are many ways to earn points:
--50 points for each day you log on
--4 points for each cZone you visit (maximum 2000 points per day)
--4 points for each visitor to your cZone (maximum 2000 points per day)

Hint: A good way to attract visitors is by purchasing and displaying cRings, which join Orbiters into different themes or "clubs." When you see a cRing in someone's cZone, click on it to instantly be transported to another cZone displaying the same cRing.

Finally, you can auction your cToons and earn the point value offered by the winning bidder.

What is the cZone Spotlight?
Occasionally, we highlight the top cZones in Orbit and list them on the "Visit cZones" page. cZones featured in the cZone Spotlight serve as popular meeting places for trading and typically attract huge numbers of visitors.

How do I change my background?
Go to your cZone, then click on "Change Background" and follow the steps.

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How do I trade cToons?
Trading is simple! If you're in Orbit and meet up with another member who's online, and he or she has cToons you want, use the chat messages to ask if he or she would like to trade with you. If the owner answers "Yes," you will both be transported to the trading floor.

What happened to the "Make a Trade" button on other Orbiters' cZones?
Live trading is the only kind of trading that can be done in Orbit now. If you're having trouble finding Orbiters to trade with, head over to the cToon Showcase. You can find it by mousing over "Get Cards" in the left menu and then clicking on "Trade."

When is a deal final?
A deal is only final when both Orbiters say "Yes" to a trade. If you're trading with someone who makes a change to the trade after you've clicked "Yes," the trade is no longer valid. Likewise, if you try to make changes after your fellow trader clicks "Yes," the trade is canceled.

What happens if I decide I don't want to trade a cToon after all?
Clicking the "Decline" button will cancel the trade.

Can I protect certain cToons from trade?
Sure. Click the "Hide From Trade" box on the cToon's info card.

Can I propose multiple trades with a single cToon?
Yes, but only one can be accepted.

The trade I was working on was canceled. What happened?
In Cartoon Orbit, you can set up more than one trade using a single cToon. If you do that, however, all other trades involving that cToon will be canceled the moment someone accepts one of your offers.

What if I just don't feel like trading?
If you're on the trading floor and you decide you don't want to trade, you can leave by clicking the "Exit the Trading Floor" button. Your trading partner will be notified that you've left the trading floor.

I'm a little unsure about trading. Can I watch someone else do it first?
Yes! If you're visiting a cZone and two people leave to trade, you will be asked: "Do you want to watch?" If you click "Yes," you will be transported to the trading floor where you can watch the trade happen. Remember: You are a silent guest. You can't communicate with either trader.

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How do I start an auction?
1) From the Auctions main page, click on "Start Auction."
2) This will open your inventory. Find the item you would like to auction and click the "Submit for Auction" button below it.
3) You will now be asked to enter a minimum asking price. This is the lowest amount of points you will accept for the item you are putting up for auction. So if the lowest bid you will accept is 200 points, enter "200."
4) The fee to start an auction is 10 percent of your minimum asking price. So if 200 points is your minimum asking price, 20 points will be deducted from your account.
5) After entering your minimum asking price, hit "Click to Start Auction." You will automatically go to your item's Auction Zone.

Another way to start an auction is to click "My Collection." From your collection, select an item, open its info card and click "Auction This." Now follow steps 3-5.

How do I bid on an item?
1) From the Auctions main page, use the "Character" and "Set" buttons to find current auctions.
2) You will see a list of items currently up for auction. Click on the one you're interested in to go to its Auction Zone.
3) Once you arrive in the Auction Zone, you will see the current high bid as well as the new minimum bid. If you would you like to bid that amount, click "Place Bid."
4) You will now see your Orbit user name listed as the highest bidder.
5) If you are still the highest bidder when the auction closes, the item will automatically be added to your inventory, and your bid amount will be deducted from your account.

What is an "Auction Zone"?
An Auction Zone is a cZone-like area in which you can view a specific item up for auction and see the auction details, including the current high bid, highest bidder, bid history, time left and next minimum bid.

Most importantly, the Auction Zone is where you can place a bid on an item (as long as you did not start the auction yourself).

How long does an auction last?
The person who starts the auction determines its length, ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

How do I know when a specific auction closes?
In all of the auction listings, as well as in the individual Auction Zones, you will see a heading for "Time Left." This will tell you how much time remains before the auction closes.

How do I claim an item I've won in an auction?
If you are listed as the highest bidder when the auction closes, the item will automatically be added to your inventory, and your bid amount will be deducted from your account.

Does it cost anything to start an auction?
Yes. If your item sells, we subtract 10% of the final selling price from your total points. For example, if your card sells for 200 points, 20 points will be deducted from your account when the auction ends.

If your item does not sell, we subtract 10% of your minimum asking price.

I put an item up for auction, but now I've changed my mind. Can I cancel the auction?
No. Once an auction begins, you cannot cancel it.

Can I place a bid in my own auction?
No. The person who started the auction cannot bid on that item.

How can I keep track of the auctions in which I'm participating?
On the Auctions main page, click on "My Auctions" to see all of the items you have up for auction as well as all of the auctions in which you have placed bids.

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Specific questions about gToons gameplay can be answered by reading the
Official Rules or by completing the gToons Training Demo.

What is "gToons"?
"gToons" is the name of Cartoon Orbit's digital trading card game. (The individual cards themselves are also called "gToons.") Like cToons, gToons are collectible cards featuring Cartoon Network characters and shows. gToons, however, also have colors, point values and powers that come into play during gToons games.

Where do I get gToons?
gToons can be purchased with Orbit Points under "Buy Cards" in the Collect section. You can buy them individually or in gToons Packs of six each, which also give you the chance to win rare "Slam" gToons. You can also acquire gToons through special promotions, auctions or trading.

What are "Slam" gToons?
A Slam gToon is just what it sounds like--a powerful gToon that packs a punch when played during a gToons game. The only way to get a Slam gToon (besides auctions and trading) is inside a gToons Pack, which you can get under "Buy Cards" in the Collect section. Each time you buy a gToons Pack, you have a chance to win the Slam gToon.

What's the difference between "rank" and "rating"?
Each time you play gToons, the outcome of the game affects your overall rank. However, it isn't just a matter of wins and losses. Orbit's computers use a fancy formula (with, like, math and stuff) that takes into account your opponent's rank, the strength of your decks and other factors to figure out your rating. This rating is what determines your overall rank.

Ranks are updated once a day, so changes in your rank might not be reflected right after you finish a gToons game.

How do I move up the ranks?
The best way to improve your rank is by playing someone with a rank close to yours. Defeating someone ranked much higher than you is a proud achievement, but because your ratings are so far apart, the change to your own rating will be very small. Winning against a player with a rating similar to yours means the change will be more significant and improve your chances of moving on up.