Cartoon Orbit Dictionary:


cToons- The primary toons on Orbit, they are the main collectible on Orbit.

gToons- Circular cards that are played in Orbit's Trading Card Game.

cRings- Special Club cToons that usually have very limited releases.

C-zones- A zone where you can display your toons. (A gallery somewhat)

Ghost Toons- Cards that were for some reason not released to the public of Orbit.

Blue Backs- (bb) The first type of cRing made, usually with very low release counts.

C-mart- The department store of Orbit where buyable toons are found. Most toons are buyable at one point, but have a limited release. Once a toon is sold out, the only way to find it is in auctions or trade.

Trade and Auction

Trading- The process of giving up one or more of your toons for one or more of someone else's toons.

Trade Zone- The place where a trade takes place.

Trade Showcase- The place where Orbiters gather to make trades.

Auction- A timed selling of a toon where others place set bids on the toon, and whoever has the highest bid at the end gets the ctoon.

Auction Zone- The place where an auction takes place.

Auction Search- The Auction Index, and database of toons currently in auction.

Top Auctions- The most valueble toons currently in auction.

Playing gToons

Deck Builder- The place where you can sort your gtoons into 4 assorted decks, to do battle with other orbiters.

Challenge Zone- Where members can find opponents to play gtoons with.

gToon Packs- A selection of 6 random gtoons from the current Series, that are always buyable, until the series ends.

Slams- Limited Edition gToons that have strong powers and are only obtainable in gToon Packs.

gToon Rank- The current rank of one person compaired to all gTooners.

gToon Rating- The variable that determines a players rank, based on their win/loss record.


Scamming- Cheating someone out of their points or toons, without giving anything in return.

Scammer- Someone who is guilty of any kind of cheating on Cartoon Orbit.

Harvesting- A cheating method on Orbit where a person creates a new account, transfers it to his/her's main account, and never uses the account again.

Shilling- Raising the price of an auction to make it look like it is worth more to people who don't know better.