Cartoon Orbit's Final Days:

The Final Days of Cartoon Orbit are shrouded in mystery. Cartoon Orbit was scheduled to close on 10/16/06, it was open all that day and wasn't partially closed until 10/17/06 when the orbit homepage was replaced with the closure message. After the homepage was replaced, people had found backdoors into Cartoon Orbit. Only a few were able to regain temporary access into Cartoon Orbit. Orbiters were able to gain temporary access until the 18th, when, it seems, Orbit stopped the login process from executing properly, leaving the backdoors with this message: "A technical error has occurred" or "The page can not be found". It seems many of the following things were NOT implemented by Cartoon Orbit; it seems as though they were implemented into Orbit by an Orbiter who wanted to see the rest of Cartoon Orbit get a chance at these super rares.

A number of codes were released into Cartoon Orbit on it's last 'official' open day, 10/16/06.
Goodbye: This code gave you a Revenge of The Reaper poster ctoon. This was originally an exclusive cToon Orbit gave to the manager of Online Trading Center.
8004: This code gave you the Batmania Blueback
Toonsucks: This code gave you every cRing, even the Bluebacks

It seems as though a number of previously unreleased cToons, cRings, and gToons were released into the Orbit mix during it's last days. These include: Edd Edition 3 gToon, Porky Pig gToon edition 1, Bartholomew Batlash, PPG Radio, You Found Magilla, and Grim Faces cRing. Since they were never officially released by Cartoon Orbit,: Edd Edition 3, Porky Pig gToon Edition 1, Bartholomew Batlash, PPG Radio, and Grim Faces cRing are still considered to be unreleased.

Auction Zone/Czone Phrases:
There were a number of new phrases added throughout the final day on Orbit. These include:
'You stole my points'
'I'll kill you effers!'
'Don't make me come over there.'
'I like to wear women's clothing!'
'PPG Powah!'
'Quit bidding up your own auctions!'
'Orbit is closing!'
'Why are you bidding up your own auctions?'

Below is a gallery of pictures that you can click to enlarge. These depict the above events that occured during the final days of Orbit.