Czone Pictures:
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Atom Kong Bear (left), Kitty D. Mind30 (right) 4/1/06: Final Czone Pictures before being hacked the first time.

Kitty D. Mind30 8/15/06: Final Czone Picture before being hacked the second time.

Czone Videos:
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Kitty D. Mind30's Czone - 2/25/06
Kitty D. Mind30's Czone - 2/26/06

Kitty D. Mind30's Czone - 7/27/06
Kitty D. Mind30's Czone - 8/9/06

Career Highlights:
As you can see from the czone pictures and videos I've been pretty wealthy towards the end of my orbit career. At one point I even had 11.5 million points. The riches I've experienced towards the end of my orbit career, have driven some orbiters to hack and delete or steal and sell my things. This has happened twice to me. I still have some orbit left but not much really. I haven't always been rich either.
When I first started orbit back in early 2001, everything was grand. I was poor on orbit but was happier than I am now. There used to be a game called winball, I played it everyday for points and ctoons to sell and trade with. This was during the first version of cartoon orbit before all the flash. I personally liked this version of orbit much more than the flash version. I remember one my favorite ctoons ever was Johnny's Crystal Ball. It animated and every time you clicked it, it gave you a different answer, like a magic 8 ball. During the old days of orbit you could easily visit czones and even leave messages for a person at their czone with a mailbox feature orbit had. You could leave other orbiters trades and if they accepted cool if not you moved on to the next person. They also had live trades then too if you didn't want to leave a trade. I remember like if I got a non-live trade accepted or found someone with something I wanted I'd add them to my buddies list. This was also an old orbit feature that was purged when orbit made the move to flash.
More recently orbit made the move to a fully flash based website. This has opened doors to hackers and has been neglected to be updated since February, 2006. There have been errors like the double live trade windows (two sets on top of eachother), and broken things like the gtoons deckbuilder. The deckbuilder has been broken since about March, 2006. Since it's been broken only people with already set decks can still even play gtoons, this number of people gets smaller everyday as orbit falls further into disrepair and neglect. I plan to stick it out until the end, when Turner finally closes the Cartoon Orbit website.