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Career Highlights:

I joined Cartoon Orbit because I saw an advertisement for the kids wb cards. I didn't even know it had anything to do with Cartoon Network. After a while, I found the TechMan site and used it for codes. I eventually became a member of Merlin's site until it closed. I created a website that had Unfinished Inforcards and Winball on it, called HongyDraw's Cartoon Orbit and Japanimation: Ultimate, but it died when I realized orbit didn't want those things linked to and I removed them. I joined Techman, CNOC, Toonsvile, and many more cool clubs. My original wantlist was Bubbles Jojo, Sheep, The Mange, Super Monkey, and more than anything, Farmin' Folks. It made my Orbit life when I got Farmin' Folks from Lima for Christmas one year. As of Orbit's closing, I have 1617903 points. Orbit really was fun. I just wish that towards the end, they cared a little more.