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Praxis Metallus Mee - 9/29/06 HIGH/LOW

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Additional czone names were Super Guldo Oolong, Jean Guldo Mutt, and Eddy Gohan Bravo. Back when I was 9 I joined in 2002 with the username Super Guldo Ooglong. Back then I wasnt allowed to trade, or bid on auctions, I was only allowed to auction, and buy from the cMart. I later quit I think sometimes that year and rejoined in 04. When I rejoined in 04 I joined with Jean Guldo Mutt and Eddy Gohan Bravo, Eddy being my main one. For a year I went to an orbit group at gamefaqs and then the next year in the summer of
05 on June 6th 05 I joined MSN groups. I joined many groups throughout the years and I am now a part of about 15 different ones, ofcourse only like 5 are active groups. The reason I switched from eddy gohan bravo to praxis metallus mee is because people were getting hacked so I made it as my secret account. For future reference I wrote this message on Friday, Spetember 29, 2006.