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Wile X. Gorilla:

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Czone Videos:
Slade: Porunga the Snake's Czone - 7/27/06

Slade: Wile X. Gorilla - 10/6/06 HIGH/LOW

Career Highlights:

Orbit sure was fun, but I guess all fun things have to come to an end sometime. I was able to complete the Batman, Super Friends, Gold Edition, Dragonball Z, X-Men Evolution, and Batman Beyond sets, and I collected a large assortment of other rares in the process of trying to complete each of those sets. It was a fun game, and I was one of the people who were able to get what they wanted out of it. I really think that the Massive Cartoon Orbit Archival Project is something great. Its something that is excellent for referencing to things now, and will definately be a great place to come and reflect after whatever time Orbit is no longer running.