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Ed E. Earthling777: Doggiepuff Earthling: Billy Van Hiney:

Career Highlights:

Man, it has been a wild ride. I have been orbiting since January 2001 or 2002. I originally started with Chi Vegeta Avalon14, though thanks to log in issues(log in box was blank) i ended up losing that account. A few months later the log in box came back ,and then I made Choo Pops Coyote. Then I started to join some chat groups such as Tv Tome (now I met two orbiters there (Ace Tiki Razor and Edd Trunks Squirrel) and with doing deals I started to propel up in orbit. Then I joined a little online group called "cZone Central" on July 20th, 2005. Within a year, I had turned my one account wth not a lot of rare items, to a 4 accouts with lots of things I have collected over the years. These accounts were divided into Rares for Sell, Ed, Edd n' Eddy, Billy and Mandy, and CCF. I had almost gotten a full collection of anything with a CCF Logo(only 4-5 toons away :( ) but I was able to finish my Billy and Mandy Collection and got 135/200 of the Ed, Edd n' Eddy collection. Thanks to orbit, I have gained a lot of weight and the title of least physically fit in my class, but I also gained many experiences I will never forget

A part of me died when I found out orbit finally came to a close, but I will still treasure the memories I had.

The Following 2 orbiters have to be mentioned beacuse they really have helped me out, and they should be noted

Edd Trunks Squirrel: You have helped me in many deals and you are very kind to me in deals, you are still the best orbiter to me.
Raven_Claw: You were a very nice orbiter, and our merge with our Ed, Edd n' Eddy turned out really well compared to most merges.

Thansk for checking out my page