Czone Pictures:
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Dino D. Gator1:

Career Highlights:

I've been around orbit since day 1. I began as Super Li Champion7.. which, if I still had it, would have had some ultra rare c-toons/c-rings. It even had a couple bluebacks.

I lost interest in orbit for a while, I think around the time PS2 came out. I didn't log in for over a year, not knowing they deleted accounts, and also not knowing, that they changed user interface almost completely. I was really mad, but I sucked it up and started over as Dino D. Gator1 in early 2005.

Overtime I eventually got most of the c-toons and c-rings my other account had, but at a much greater price. The only thing I have not been able to get back is my Acme Shoppers blueback.

With orbit on the verge of dying, I decided to see if there were any orbit groups, I expected to be the first to begin constructing a group.. I was totally wrong, and it was a stupid assumption. There were plenty, I smacked myself on the head thinking I should've done this sooner, but I was an idiot when I was 14/15. I joined Orbit Chaos, where I got a ton of help and I got active on their forums. The staff was great, so were the people. The admin named Jordan there, managed to get me the King Hiss c-toon.

Shortly after, I joined my first orbit contest. It was a graphics contest, however, at the time I had also just started producing.. so I requested to be able to submit a song since I've got no skill in that area. To my surprise the contest organizer accepted. I made a short Drum and Bass style track and won 2nd place. I scored about 32k orbit, I had never had that many orbit points before.

Immediately, I knew I could score one of my high wants, which was Blue Eyes White Dragon. I spent 28k on that one, and won the auction. I spent the rest on Panthor, Battlecat, and Candleabra Ed 3. My c-zone is now almost complete, I just need 4 more c-toons to complete it. 1. The General, 2. Mardi Gras Wally, 3. Wally Gator, 4. Plush Alligator.

Here are some of my favorite orbit moments:
1. Winball
2. Getting all the Zoids c-toons on my old account
3. The start of G-toons, even though I didn't play it much.
4. First time i joined orbit groups.