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Edd Trunks Squirrel:
    Last Czone Pic: 9/30/06          Czone as of May 2005     Czone as of Christmas, 2005


Career Highlights:

I started Cartoon Orbit on November, 21st, 2001. I remember the exact date. I found my older brother playing Cartoon Orbit. I would tag along and watch him (I was about 9 at the time) trade with his friends and collect Ed, Edd n Eddy. Sooner or later, I made myself an account. It was Edd Trunks Squirrel. I loved it from the start, and couldn't stop playing. I soon acquired all the Ed, Edd n Eddy cToons (was about 100 at the time), but I auctioned them off out of boredom. At that time, gToons were released. I was immediatly addicted. I played gToons for many hours a day, and rose to the top 100. I soon got bored with gToons and resorted to collecting cToons again. I collected the entire Flintstones and Jetsons sets, and had a near-complete Ed, Edd n Eddy and Dexter's Lab set. A few months later, I drifted away from Orbit, and my account was deleted. I decided to get back into it in December 2004, and again I was addicted. I played alongside my younger brother this time,under the same name of Edd Trunks Squirrel. We both collected Ed, Edd n Eddy cToons, my all-time favorite show. This was about the time I came across Orbit fan sites. I was amazed...a whole database of cToon codes, and hundreds of active Orbiters. I quickly got addicted to fan sites. Posting thousands of messages, I was always apart of many fan sites, including cZone Central, Cartoon Orbit: The Complete Guide, Orbit Chaos, Online Trading Center, Techmans Cartoon Orbit and Neopets Group, Entertainment Kingdom, Cartoon Orbit Land, The Orbit Underground, Electronic Trading Cards Center, and much, much more. I had great times at every one of them. They changed Orbit forever for me. I completed many collections, and acquired many wants off these fan sites. I grew so addicted to Orbit, that it was more than a game, it was a lifestyle. I was on for hours a day. Slowly, as the 2006 school year neared a close, I became less interested in Orbit, and took as much as a week break from it. But I always stuck by it. It was a truly great way to spend 5 years of my life.