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Ima Krunkhead:

Career Highlights:

Orbit names: Ima Krunkhead, Brak The Goodlady, Ima Krunk Fox, Brak The Cell, Ima Zilly Star, Ima The Cold, Chi Anthony Lusion.

Favorite Ctoon: Gold Hawkgirl and Agent Honeydew.
Favorite Cring: New Years Eve-il
Favorite Gtoon: Liberty Belle Slam
Most Expensive ctoon(s): Two Face, Hamtaro, Plasmus, Pot Of Gold #2

Completed sets: Teen titans, Justice League, All Gtoons, Card Captors, X-men, Batman (Original set).

Sets working on to complete: Hamtaro, PPG's, Scooby-Doo, Ed Edd and Eddy, Space Ghost, Movie Posters, and Flintstones.

Most wanted: Gold O'Malley, Best Bugs Czone award

I quit orbit after about 2 years because I became bored of it and wanted to concentrate on other things. Then I got to a point where I missed orbit and came back. I've been on and off for a while because of college. I've been scammed out of a Gold Edition Hawkgirl before, and that angered me.