TCG Best of Orbit Czones:

Czone Pictures:
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Triomatic Fox:


Career Highlights:

At TCG at the members' request I organized a quick TCG Best of Orbit thing where people could submit a few ctoons/gtoons/crings and I designed a few czones around them. Here are the people that participated in this event, followed by the czone they gave from, and finally what they contributed.

PEK/Dr. X - Capt. Doodle Buggy: Major Glory Action Figure, Print and Play Dexter
Jorgeohgt - Ruff Saiyan Warrior100: Coop Slam Gtoon, U-matsu
Blind - Motor Guldo Boo: KND Sig, Megas XLR Sig
EVILMONKEY - Benny Wiggy Bear: Himawari
ETS - Edd Trunks Squirrel: Crazy Neighbor Rolf, Classic Grodd
Sesshomaru - Ed the Gorilla1: Chickens head, body, feet; football daffy, football bugs
Sesshomaru - Zeke D. Arturo2: Bug Club, Don't Touch Me, Scientists Unite, Space Aces, Sports Stars
Chrisfromboji - Quick Guru Zalost: Team Orbit, Campaign Hat, Golden Mojo